We continue to innovate and implement new technologies. We were the first company in Poland to introduce B1 sheet gilding in cold-stamping technology.

New technologies and innovations

Multipress Printing House works from brand-new production facilities, with state-of-the-art machinery at the core. Technology has always been our priority. It is the tool to deliver to our Clients increasingly better quality, volume, and speed of service.

For over 20 years now, Multipress Printing House never stopped investing in new technologies, machinery, and innovations. We were the first company in Poland to install a printing machine with coater featuring the unique Prindor Inline-Foiler, and the first to introduce B1 sheet gliding in cold-stamping technology.

Multipress Printing House boasts a contemporary graphic design department and an R&D department, where innovative solutions are developed and tested in terms of design, technologies, print enhancement, as well as substrates and materials applied.

Fully automatized production

Production processes for packaging and labels are fully automated. Offset printing is performed on full-format 6-colour machines with an option of UV printing, while print quality is based on computerised, digital colour management system by Heidelberg. The system is particularly important for ensuring repeatability with high and cyclical volumes. Our flexographic department is also equipped to produce self-adhesive labels.

Multipress Printing House is a versatile company, equipped with post press machines for high process products, applying latest technological solutions by such brands as Japanese Sanwa, German Heiber & Schröder and Swiss Gietz.