We specialise in producing high process labels and packaging. We produce cardboard packaging and labels in offset and flexographic technologies.

Print enhancement techniques

In the packaging and labels industry, print enhancement techniques are of utmost importance, helping the packaging or the label to “sell” the product. Multipress Printing House possesses a broad range of technological facilities for all kinds of print enhancement, including drip-off, UV coating and UV 3D, hot-stamping, cold-stamping, printing on silver laminate and holographic films, stamping dies (engraving, 3D), embossing, laminating, die cutting, pasting, multipoint gluing, and more.


Technologies and machines are indispensable, but our many year’s expertise and know-how are of equal importance – enabling us to offer our Clients solutions that would be a perfect match for their needs, and often innovative. Customers’ taste and market expectations change and develop in time, therefore Multipress Printing House never ceases to test and implement – together with their Clients – novel solutions for packaging and labels.


We work closely with our Clients to propose best matched solutions for their marketing needs and budgets.

Optimized costs

Today in the printing industry the possibilities for print enhancement, different types of pigments and substrates are vast, allowing the production of wonderful packaging and label designs. It takes skill to achieve the desired, excellent result – but the real challenge is to optimize the costs, especially in high volume, repeated runs. In many industries, competition in tough and margins so prohibitive that packaging solutions may prove decisive for product positioning. What is at stake is not an even lower unit price, but achieving a better label or better packaging than the competitors, with comparative financial outlays. In other words, to spend the same amount as your competitor, but in doing so, to obtain a product which is more visible and clearly “stands out” on the shelf.