For over 20 years, we have supported leading brands in the FMCG, food, confectionery, alcohol, tobacco, cosmetics, OTC drugs and other industries.

Packaging Brand Ideas

Together with our Clients, we develop and create innovative packaging and label designs, which allow the product to stand out in the shelf, as well as enhance brand recognition. Our packaging and POS materials can be found in many retail chains, shopping malls, upscale delicatessen, chemist’s shops, boutiques, and cinemas.


Industry Know-How

For the Clients of the Multipress Printing House, the knowledge specific to their industry is an important element of the overall service provided. There are significant differences in the design and production of packaging and labels, which the design must reflect – differences even between related products. For instance, wine labels, printed on the substrate resembling handmade paper with subtle gilding, differ greatly from labels on special metallic paper used in the brewing industry. Knowledge on the special characteristics of the target market in which our Clients operate brings us closer to their needs. This allows for a true partnership with the Client: working together towards the best printing solutions, which shall be effective from the marketing point of view.