We offer the highest production quality of packaging and labels. We are among the first Polish printing companies to implement ISO 9001 quality management system.

Highest quality of packaging and labels

Multipress Printing House treats its own logo as a symbol of quality, asserting the excellence of packaging and labels we produce. For years we have been working for most demanding Clients, dealing with one of the most difficult areas of printing production and services. Ensuring the highest quality is our priority and our commitment.

ISO 9001 Quality Management System

The range of ISO 9001 Quality Management System at Multipress Printing House spans the whole technological process, from preparing files for printing all the way to the ready product: a packaging or a label. Our Quality Control Department watches over product quality.

Repeatability and precision

The key to ensuring the highest quality of packaging and labels we produce lies in the fully automated production process, employing the latest technology from renowned global producers, such as Heidelberg, Gietz, Heiber & Schröder or Sanwa. Each stage of the production cycle implements technological solutions, which guarantee repeatability, precision, and excellent end results.